Gatefall: Chapter One (Pre-Order)

Brand: Jack Dire Studios
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Expected release: June 2021
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Gatefall is a strategic miniatures game of tactics, deck building, and resource management created by Jack Dire, the creator of Superfight, Red Flags, Blank Marry Kill, and You've Got Problems.

In the game, a rift has opened between worlds, causing a war between very different kinds of characters.

Players will take control of either the fantasy or post-apocalyptic team, and will use action points to move their figures and defeat enemy characters for victory points. Characters respawn when they are defeated, and can even "tag in" a new character from the same team (like one of the Kickstarter exclusive characters) while respawning.

A two player game will take around 60-90 minutes.

The game board is modular, which will allow you to play with 3 or more players (with the purchase of a pack of differently-shaped rift boards), and will allow future expansion teams to fight these original two teams. 


  • HUGE FIGURES - The figures in Gatefall are enormous, making them a ton of fun to play with, paint, and look at. Penny is roughly the size of a moose in a typical D&D scale.
  • UNIQUE CHARACTER ABILITIES - Each character has a unique passive ability they can use immediately, AND a unique special ability that they can unlock.
  • CHARACTER UPGRADES - Characters can be customized with unique upgrade paths to let you boost what you need when you need it. 
  • LOTS OF DIFFERENT WAYS TO WIN Gatefall is great for all kinds of different play styles. You can streamline your deck to beat your opponent with the number of actions you have available, upgrade your characters to move less but hit harder and smarter, equip them with weapons that boost abilities beyond upgrades, or a combination of any and all strategies.


Game Details

  • Number of Players: 2-8
  • For Ages: 13+
  • Playing Time: 60–180 minutes
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